Illustrated White Cats

THE FIRST SOFT poncho i made

I wanted to recreate a coat that would feel soft and good on the body, that won’t make any cracking noises that will be easy to wear and squint into a little pouch which come with that.  And most important,to know i can wear the same coat in a different occasions and still look fantastic!  

It took me over a year to perfect a custom fabric, so I made my first real poncho, i realized i needed to do something to transport it. So, i took with me some ponchos and travel around the country to the shows, and start spread the rumor. it's a printed 2 in one poncho!


I built a brand around absurdly soft ponchos that are perfect for a 7-day weekend kinda lifestyle.

AR Poncho believes a rainy day can be a happy day!  We offer feel-good outerwear in fun colors and patterns to brighten any rainy day.​ AR Poncho launched in 2019 with headquarters in New York City. Inspired by a gloomy day in the neighborhood.  Aya Ran began

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